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juniors night

at last its over. go blue and white!
go juniors!
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LCLC Recruitment

poster: Yayam Otarra


a lot of people are hooked into blogging for many reasons. some may just want a venue to express their thoughts, publish their poems or songs, write their diaries, reflect on their existence, update friends on the latest, give instructions to students, upload photos, upload lessons (me!), and more.

blogs are special. they convey unique, sacred messages. when i read a blog, i should not judge by the template or style of writing or content lest i judge the person who has dared to express himself. blogs are like chatrooms. they allow you to be you. it is mean to say that a blog's content is shallow. are blogs supposed to be philosphical and deep and meanigful? who is the judge for that?
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im putting a period so you can breathe

the morning after.
a little broken.
but a lot stronger.
you'll see.
Monday, February 12, 2007 1 comments

day 3

  • just a hug from hershey completes my day. ows?
  • paul saa made me laugh. ha ha!
  • i miss the feeling of being busy. for a day, i was back to my normal pacing of three years ago. i dont think i could last this way. my back aches terribly.
  • my memory is deserting me. i had to think for 3 seconds before i remember a name.
  • calling someone over the internet is disgusting!
  • people have asked me thrice about a date. i have, you know. hehe.
  • shut up! (talk to your hand)
  • my class has a different kind of intelligence. should i be happy about this? ha ha ha!
  • i finally gave out the invitation cards. whew!
  • thank god the standees look like how i wanted them to look.
  • i am going to manila. but i dont have time to get excited about it today.
  • sprite float tastes like robitussin.
  • ive got a zillion things to finish tomorrow.

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day 2

  • i finally woke up happy.
  • my temper is fluctuating. this must be a result of too much sodium.
  • only 1 passed my oral exam today. my class was terrible. im disowning them today. just for today.
  • is it possible to do errands without having to walk up 8 flights of stairs?
  • the photocopier lady is leaving xuhs! huhuhuhu.
  • tikay finally gave birth. its a girl. and she says it looks like her. i shall be the judge. the doctor had to cut her up to get the baby out. i WILLNOT get pregrant unless its with george clooney. nyaha!
  • i already miss my lc 3.
  • the meatballs did not taste that good. but i was hungry.
  • mel you are the second person who texted me today. and it stopped there.
  • this caller refuse to talk to me. he is wasting a lot of load. i'm calling him UNKNOWN. I know he's a he coz one time he said hello. And i know he's not anywhere in these islands coz his number does not appear. this is actually scary. he's been calling many times this week and its freaky coz he doesnt talk at all.
  • rich im using firefox not IE. It's more friendly. and by the way, your blog is nowhere to be seen. when i open it greyskymorning appears. no links whatsoever.
  • i do not like tom cruise but i dont hate him either. im using the template for entirely experimental reasons. i am a jedi. i do not know anger nor hatred.... sometimes.
  • i am actually busy.
  • i do not have a single deep thought.

Refulgent En Tenebris

We are once again recruiting for brave and noble souls to join the third batch of LCLC Volunteers.

To qualify, an applicant must :

1. be a bonafide XUHS student currently enrolled in the first, second and third year levels.
2. have a QPI of not less than 82% and no failing grade for the third quarter of SY 2006-2007.
3. have no U or P mark in the Prefect of Student's Records.
4. be availalble and willing to undergo intensive live-in training on May 2007.
5. espouse the values of an ideal Atenean.
6. be willing to share generously of their time and talent.
7. have the willingness to be assigned in any year level.

To apply:

1. Secure LCLC Batch 3 Application Form from the OSASI Office on February 12-17, 2007 from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m..
2. Fill-out the form neatly and legibly.
3. Submit to the Recuitment Officer stationed at the OSASI Office on or before 5:00 p.m., Friday, February 23, 2007.
4. Check the OSASI Bulletin Board regularly for the shortlist of applicants eligible for interview with the LCLC between February 27 - March 2.
5. Interview for shortlisted applicants will be on Saturday, March 3, 2007 at the Student Activity Center, Faber Building.
6. The list of applicants eligible for final interview will be posted in the OSASI Bulletin Board on Monday, March 5, 2007.
7. The final interview with the OSASI Formators will be on Saturday, March 11, 2007 at the Student Activity Center, Faber Building.
8. Letters of acceptance and non-acceptance will be delivered to the applicants on Monday, March 13, 2007.

Note: Non-avaialability of accepted applicant for the SUMMER TRAINING will immediately disqualify him/her for service next schoolyear.
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day 1

  • hershey's kinda sick. she's sort of slowly going bald in her right leg.
  • my oral exams are a nightmare. i wanted to sleep awake listening to them. know what i mean? thank you paolo esguerra for not failing me. whew!
  • i just love lumpia! but i cook it better than anyone. as in anyone!
  • my bills are piling up. someone's right. i havent made intellegent investments lately. but i do tend to overspend when my money's dwindling. ha ha.
  • i've finally re-opened my VSO application. i had to fill out 7 pages! but i had fun doing it. and this time i know im sending it too.
  • i DO NOT like teaching first year brats.
  • who cares about Isaiah!
  • nobody texted me today. NOBODY.
  • i still cant figure out how to re-design my blog.
  • i hope i can sleep tonight. i had coke.
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another one

shal:tsada kaayo ang ASAP gahapon!
angie:tsada tong last week bay! kadtong showdown sa champions. Naa ang winner sa Philippine Idol, si Rachel Go og si Frenchie Diaz!
yobi: Fenchie Dy!