Tuesday, July 07, 2009 2 comments

art therapy

I've been assigned to do the bakdrop for covered court events in school. I missed doing this, specially with Ana Karenina who now opted to plant daisies in Germany. It's a bit time-consuming and tedious but there is a mindlessness in cutting paper and tracing drawings that soothes away the stress in my life( Unsa nga stress?Hehehe!). I'm glad that people like it coz I really needed to breathe art for now.

Here are some of my work. I am not very original coz I can't make up my mind what to do unless I get inspired by other artists. So I usually spend a lot of time in research more than in actually making the art. So if you run accross work similar to mine, that could be where I got the inspiration. Hahaha!

Red Mass. I made 5 panels on the symbols of the Holy Spirit: wind, water, fire, oil and dove. Took me one whole day with the help of Vest and Jenny.

July First Friday Mass (Sacred Heart of Jesus). I originally thought of stained glass effects but decided to make a huge burning heart coz of time-constraint. Got this done in two hours with the help of Mamita and Ma'am Nery.

2009 Activities Rally. It's not what I had in mind at all although I conceptualized and made all the patterns. But I was so busy with graduate school that I left the installation with Mamita nad the LCLC. The silhouettes and the blue rays should have been closer together. Plus the blue is the wrong color. Hahaha!