Sunday, December 09, 2012 0 comments

writing begins tonight

Being cooped up in a 10x15 foot apartment when one is recovering from a major operation can be quite challenging. What can one do in two months of necessary break from a 12 year habit? Before the surgery I listed my options:

1. Design the menu for Pacifico Huts
2. Reviving my never started Odesk online career
3. Resurrect my blog
4. Make card templates
5. Play chuzzle for two months
6. Stalk everyone on Facebook

From the list, the blogging idea seems more attractive. Why not? This blog has been sleeping for almost two years and I need to vent out some emotions that a Facebook status update just cant cure. So I opened blogger which this computer does not even recognize as a favorite and got blasted with a new blogger look. It invited me to "explore" and I was little bit insecure about doing this again. Years ago I taught myself html so I can tweak my blog the way I like it. I remember how time consuming it was and I cringed at the thought of having to do it again. First on the blog resurrection to do list is to change the template. Gisele's template is still cute and the green looks happy and elegant. But I am 35 years old and I cant get away with cute drawings anymore. So I searched for something 35ish and found a notebook/diary design which looked more mature and classy. Then I have to decide to delete some widgets,mementos of the blog hopping craze and the race to gain more traffic and maybe earn some on the side. I decided I'm terrible at it and I do not like the pressure of writing to please people. This blog will remain to be a collection of thoughts,a keepsake of memories and events and a record of emotions and dreams. 

With this awkward attempt at writing again, I now begin my stories...