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this is a text message from aying. i know we cannot rely on text messages as a blooper source but this made me laugh. haha! they have been inviting me to join them in their pingpong games.

aying: ugma mi mu-anha sa high school, ma'am. pagdala daan og rocket!
(woah! giyera na ni!)

i also remember another one during our pongracz outreach.

ybonne: grabe gyud na si josie lain-lain ang celphone!
rhean: lagi!
ybonne: gahapon kay kuan iyang dala, kadtong celphone na flip-flop!
ma'am alice: flip top! kalay!
(tsinelas man nang flip-flop.bwahahahha!)
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tom sawyer

you should read it and remember the tom sawyer you used to be.
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During OSASI planning...
Nitz: Unsaon man ning tree guards?
Shal: Naa na man na sya sa budget, Nitz.
Nitz: Kinsa diay na sila?
(dili na sila tao Nitz, kahoy...)


Angie: Lahi ra gyud ni si Nitz. Ang amo sauna kay caballero tigidig ra ang ila kay Wimsy, wimsy Spider!
(eenzy weenzy siguro!)
After many days...
Shal: Daghan na kaayo bloopers si Angie oi.
Xrysz: Lagi! wimsy wimsy!
Gen: Di ba wemcy wemcy man ang tama?
(utro pud!)


During the LC Camp...
Cook: Unsa inyo gusto sa itlog ugma, Ma'am? Sunny side-up?
Angie: (after 5 seconds) Unsa nang sunny side-up?


During LC Exposure....
Shal: Lisud man gyud to didto na path!
Nitz: Lagi. Ambot aning usa nga didto man gyud nga naa may lahi nga agi-an. Mas sayon man tong isa di ba?
Angie: Okay ra Nitz oi! As if you know the backway! Ay, way back diay!
(maygani gibawi!)


Fr. George: Would you like a sounding board for your discussion?
Angie: Yes Father, what's on your mind?


Angie: Nitz, magpa-perplex ka?
Nitz: Magpa-reflex...


Angie: Yehey! Naa na jud ta'y photo album Shal! Chada kaayo!
Shal: lagi, pero kulang pa man.
Angie: Next time, ang akong ipilit dire kay.."This is Rome! and this is the Sixteen Chapel!"
(Sistine Chapel Anj)


At SM...
Shal: Wait lang, tan-awon sa nato unsay salida.
Angie: Sige, sige! Naa pa'y Woman in the Lake?
Shal: Ha? Di ba Lady in the Water?


Jake: Ang iyang partner kay 10 years old.
Angie: Ha? Unsa na sya, Maria Reyna?
(Hospital man na Anj. Reyna Elena siguro)


Xrysz: Unsa nahitabo kagabii?
Angie: Basta pads amo gyud sya giingnan nga please give this shot a night!
Melmel: Give this night a shot!


Nitz: Unsa diay nahitabo sa meeting? Sorry ha, wala man gud ko.
Angie: For your absence Nitz, amo ni ang gisabutan!
(FOr your info...)


Jason: Whether one second or one minute ang excess sa ilang performance, thats minus 5 points na.
Angie: So 10 seconds is already one minute?
(okay ra Anj, ako ra'y nakadungog)


While orienting Nitz on blogging...
Shal: butangi og links, Nitz. Unsa'y title imo gusto?
Nitz: Unsa'y ngalan gani ana... kanang sa ink.. ay, quail!
Shal: Ha?
Nitz: I mean quill!
Shal: quail eggs? hehe


After simbang gabi at McDonalds...
Shal: Unsa kaha atong meetings sa OSASI with Fr. Pen ba?
Nitz: A, Father...would you like to be the springboard...?
Shal: springboard? di ba sounding board?!


other bloopers you might care to read... naa sa archives.

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lc bloopers! [FIRST EDITION]

first of all, my apologies to the lc blooper victims this year. be consoled by the fact that you have been divinely chosen to err in the most funny, unpredictable way. you made our lives way, way enjoyable. you break the monotony of all immersions and other tasks we have been called to work on. hehe. thanks you for the kindness of sharing this and laughing at your own mistakes. life's like that. whew!

dinner during immersion...
shal: lead the prayer, inigo.
inigo: let us put ourselves in the presence of god, in the name of the father, of the son, of the holy spirit. bless us o lord, as is our gifts...

light a tree contest...
shal: ingon ko nga 2 feet in diameter! haler!
mikki: ma'am! kabalo ka unsa na kadako ang 2 feet in diameter! isa na ka twee twunk!
(gwabe ka dako, miks!)

while waiting for the other lcs...
ganz: maayo kaayo modula si gallares og chess bai!
mikki: kinsa'y mas maayo sa ila ni ________?
ganz: mas maayo si gals. siya gani unta ang captain ball sa chess.
mikki: capatain ball? naa ba diay ball sa chess?

shal: grabe kadaghan stars ato tree.
yoyong: lagi! star like a shine! star like a shine!
mikki: di ba shine like a star man?

during the halu-halo ala XUHS
jyle: let us give them a warm of applause!!!!
(were burning!!!)

how did this happen to intelligent people? basin sa lamok na sa erya bai!

more coming soon.... [formator bloopers na sad!]