Monday, January 14, 2008 1 comments


i hope this would be the last time i will have to tell the same story to those who ask. haha!
i would like you to meet charles klarsfeld. he lives in hawaii and we met through couchsurfing. if you wanna know what that is visit

nope its not a dating site. it's for travelers who wish to learn more about the country they're visiting by living with a couchsurfer. that way, they not only get to know the culture and traditions of the country through a native but they get to save money on hotel accommodations. its kinda like an exchange. when you get to visit their country you get the same kind of welcome and right?

so he was planning to come to cdo so he surfed for couchsurfers living here. he got me and emailed me. we met at bo's coffee shop coz in my profile i said "couch currently not available for surfing". that means i cant accept temporary boarders in my room. haha! we talked for an hour and i suggested that he go to siargao for a really rustic experience of unspoiled natural beauty. he went and when he came back we met again for dinner.. and then another dinner and then another dinner.. hahaha!

nope he's not living with me. he lives with a friend downtown.
he's here until february 14. ugh! til then days are spent getting to know one another.
so what's up with this? i dont know but its great to have someone to learn with.
my first ever real couchsurfer.. and he doesnt even live at my house. haha!