Thursday, February 05, 2009 0 comments

some spring wedding ideas

i confess i love alutumn more than spring. but since the autumn equinox is still far off, i have to make do with spring. what i do love about spring is the freshness and the the symbolism of "new life" which lends a special feeling in the air.

i have been surfing the net this week to search for ideas. since Ph is a tropical country some of the ideas online just wont work. nevertheless, i find some that i think would be okay. i also talked to some friends and harvested great ideas!

1. for the after-ceremony breakfast, we will have suman and mangoes, hot chocolate, brewed coffee, longganiza, sinangag, fried eggs, lots of pastries, fresh fruit juices, and pandesal with kesong puti. thanks to bro. jody magtoto,sj.

2. a mini-concert of musicians and singers to serenade the guests at breakfast.

3. lots of tropical flowers during the ceremony.

4. a garden reception.

5. my wedding dress will have a dash of spring color so it wont be purely white.

6. my nieces will wear flowery dresses not gowns.

7. wedding favors will be something alive and breathing.

8. heavenly singing at the ceremony.

9. bamboo canopies with brilliant spring colors at the reception (if we can afford it. haha)

10. poetic vows. char.

i hope we can pull this off but the wedding is still more than a month away and knowing charlie, he would have changed his mind about a minute detail a hundred times before then. hahaha!!