Wednesday, February 07, 2007

day 1

  • hershey's kinda sick. she's sort of slowly going bald in her right leg.
  • my oral exams are a nightmare. i wanted to sleep awake listening to them. know what i mean? thank you paolo esguerra for not failing me. whew!
  • i just love lumpia! but i cook it better than anyone. as in anyone!
  • my bills are piling up. someone's right. i havent made intellegent investments lately. but i do tend to overspend when my money's dwindling. ha ha.
  • i've finally re-opened my VSO application. i had to fill out 7 pages! but i had fun doing it. and this time i know im sending it too.
  • i DO NOT like teaching first year brats.
  • who cares about Isaiah!
  • nobody texted me today. NOBODY.
  • i still cant figure out how to re-design my blog.
  • i hope i can sleep tonight. i had coke.


richie said...

what is it with tom cruise and your blog? hahaha are you planning to stick with this template?

see you soon! :D