Sunday, February 17, 2008 1 comments

hard habit to break

the past two months seemed to pass by like a dream. another of my craziness...getting too greedy of life..not letting anything pass by without getting the most out of it.

another gamble and i pray this one lets me win. its not that a lot is at stake. its just my heart. and a hazy plan for the next five years. haha!

im kinda sad.. and kinda hapy. you know how it is...too much of a good thing and suddenly he leaves for a while and you dont know whether to put your life on pause til he comes back or rewind it and pick up where you left of. i have a ring to remind me i'm not supposed to make myself available to anyone but then again it also reminds me of how fragile this situation is.

there's a lot of i dont knows right now. but as i told some of my good friends, i'm a hopeless optimist and i'm positive i'll get over this semi-trial. then life would go on as usual. mr. brown eyes is a great gift that dropped from the sky. and i hope he will find his way back no matter how he hates airplanes. hahaha!