Thursday, February 08, 2007

day 2

  • i finally woke up happy.
  • my temper is fluctuating. this must be a result of too much sodium.
  • only 1 passed my oral exam today. my class was terrible. im disowning them today. just for today.
  • is it possible to do errands without having to walk up 8 flights of stairs?
  • the photocopier lady is leaving xuhs! huhuhuhu.
  • tikay finally gave birth. its a girl. and she says it looks like her. i shall be the judge. the doctor had to cut her up to get the baby out. i WILLNOT get pregrant unless its with george clooney. nyaha!
  • i already miss my lc 3.
  • the meatballs did not taste that good. but i was hungry.
  • mel you are the second person who texted me today. and it stopped there.
  • this caller refuse to talk to me. he is wasting a lot of load. i'm calling him UNKNOWN. I know he's a he coz one time he said hello. And i know he's not anywhere in these islands coz his number does not appear. this is actually scary. he's been calling many times this week and its freaky coz he doesnt talk at all.
  • rich im using firefox not IE. It's more friendly. and by the way, your blog is nowhere to be seen. when i open it greyskymorning appears. no links whatsoever.
  • i do not like tom cruise but i dont hate him either. im using the template for entirely experimental reasons. i am a jedi. i do not know anger nor hatred.... sometimes.
  • i am actually busy.
  • i do not have a single deep thought.