Monday, February 12, 2007

day 3

  • just a hug from hershey completes my day. ows?
  • paul saa made me laugh. ha ha!
  • i miss the feeling of being busy. for a day, i was back to my normal pacing of three years ago. i dont think i could last this way. my back aches terribly.
  • my memory is deserting me. i had to think for 3 seconds before i remember a name.
  • calling someone over the internet is disgusting!
  • people have asked me thrice about a date. i have, you know. hehe.
  • shut up! (talk to your hand)
  • my class has a different kind of intelligence. should i be happy about this? ha ha ha!
  • i finally gave out the invitation cards. whew!
  • thank god the standees look like how i wanted them to look.
  • i am going to manila. but i dont have time to get excited about it today.
  • sprite float tastes like robitussin.
  • ive got a zillion things to finish tomorrow.


-edz- said...

nung naging dalaga ako.. hahaha!!

just wanna share that lovely night to you maam shals, one of the people who influenced my life so much..