Thursday, October 19, 2006 2 comments

waiting to exhale

i dont know when i can exhale from everything that is troubling me.
Saturday, October 14, 2006 1 comments

The Team

seldom will you see a strange mixture of people in a team. we have some things in common yet there are times when i wonder what planet they come from. really. our meetings are always fun.that's why we dont meet so often.coz it just gives us lots of things to do.ignorance is sometimes a cool excuse. hehe.

we have classic questions like, "who will be the chair next year?" and classic answers like, "ambot lang, naa pa ba diay ta?"

we love and hate our job. we complain about the long hours and the inadequate pay.we are exalted when it seems like we did something right. yet we are so busy our lovelife suffer.we are so ordinary we mistake the greatest work of art as the sixteen chapel, get mistaken as a high school enrollee, a high school drop-out, and a lost kid.

we hang out sometimes, just to get lost in each other's toxic aura. we like talking about our bloopers, lc bloopers, lc cute-ness, lc foul ups (which are ours too). we like speculating on the lovelife of fr. xrysz, our mentor and tormentor. we hold heads when the world is against us, when parents lose their cool and shout "do you feel what i feel?!!!!". hell no.

we get crazy many times.
sometimes nitz loses his cool, i know he's on it when he opens and closes the bowl on my desk, turns around and exclaims, "sasagutin natin yan sa pagbabalik ng Kapamilya, deal or no deal!"

angie holds the record for Most Bloopers in a school year. its the only record nobody wants. so she's Queen for life. she loves glenn, glenn, and glenn. they're getting married next year. where? maybe in the sixteen chapel. unahan sa lumbia.

gen is crazy,sexy,cool with an acid tongue. always the first to say, Ehem! she's the only one who was able to come up with the idea of a videoke during intrams.

i record the bloopers.

long live the team!
Wednesday, October 11, 2006 3 comments

when friends hurt each other

some people think its cool to be cool.
some pretend they're sad when they are happy.
some scream when they really have nothing to say.
some make promises they have no intention to keep.
some write the most silly things.
some people are busy with the most mundane things.

i have no need for cool-ness.
nor sadness and promises.
i dont want you to write apologies, or scream your frustrations.

i need you to BE.
to stop making excuses for who you are and what you are.
i need you to SEE.
to allow yourself freedom from things that dont really matter.
i need you to FEEL.
to enrich yourself with the smells, tears, smiles of what we know as LIFE.
i need you to DARE.
be as free as the weed that keps trodden yet continues to live,
as patient as the tiny flower who waits to be admired,
as gentle as the wind though it knows its power,
as fierce in your convictions as the sun, as powerful, as life-giving.
Tuesday, October 03, 2006 2 comments

four down!

immersion. walk. cook. wash. light. buy. talk. smile. sleep. aches. mosquitos. rivers. mountains. no signal. no water. no tv. scold. laugh. cards. sigbin. boy bawang. lala. cheezwhiz. adobo ni miki. scandal ni jim. hagok ni ganzan. cam ni yayam. tawa ni erika. papa jigger. louie and uaap. jose and dick. bads mosquito insect killer. fhel and brito. sipaka. chikicha. tong-its. unggoy. 123 pass. jack queen king alas!. love triangle. love square. love star. sulo. aying. habal-habal. puppy blue eyes. fogs. frogs. flashlight. stars. moon. sunrise. sunset. butong. saging. kindness. generosity. people.
is it worth it?