Wednesday, February 14, 2007


a lot of people are hooked into blogging for many reasons. some may just want a venue to express their thoughts, publish their poems or songs, write their diaries, reflect on their existence, update friends on the latest, give instructions to students, upload photos, upload lessons (me!), and more.

blogs are special. they convey unique, sacred messages. when i read a blog, i should not judge by the template or style of writing or content lest i judge the person who has dared to express himself. blogs are like chatrooms. they allow you to be you. it is mean to say that a blog's content is shallow. are blogs supposed to be philosphical and deep and meanigful? who is the judge for that?


meily said...

mam! yeah.. blogging's cool! ;) and oh, HAPPY VALENTINES playmate!! mishu.. uhm, when was the last time we've seen eacg other?? hmmm.. dugay na ayo! and oh mam. igni jud na si sir nits na why man si exclusivo ang iyang blog?!? only invited people ang maka access. hmph! ala na hinoun nako xa na greet. anyway, ingatz mam! hapi valentines! ;)

-edz- said...

yes maam!! i totally agree!! actually, i dont think it's right to judge a person.. because everday there is something new in each and every one of us.. to know and to love..

the poster -- love it! i see familiar faces.. =)

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