Thursday, September 13, 2007 2 comments

the joy that's in it

let me tell you my plans.

i want to be able to travel the world for the joy that's in it. i dont want to go as a tourist. to be a tourist is simply to look at the surface of things. i could look at webshots for that. i want to be with people. to be able to talk to them and maybe learn their language. i want to be able to go to places not in the tourist map. i pray God will grant me that.

i want to go to Thailand and teach Burmese refugees for the joy that's in it. I want to stay for two months (if XUHS allows) and teach English to these kids. I've heard how they love to learn from volunteers. i pray God will show me how to get there.

i want to have a laptop for the joy that's in it. i want to be able to make my lessons and letters and powerpoints and movies without the hassle of going downtown or waiting for my turn at the pc. i know i can do much with that technology in my hands. i pray SOMEONE will give me one. haha.

i want a blue-eyed baby for the joy that's in it. ok, this is probably too far-fetched and nobody out there would willingly donate blue-eyed baby sperms to me on a test tube. but i'd want to be able to claim a relative who wont look like me. there's no logic there, i know! but i want, want, want! i pray somebody blue-eyed will stumble on this blog and e-mail me. hahaha! eewww!

it's free to dream. that's all i want.

and oh, i want world peace.

for the joy that's in it.