Saturday, November 24, 2007 2 comments

the world under a red umbrella

scene from a recent past

writing about 5 years of immersion seem anticlimactic. something more dramatic should cap off the years spent hiking kilometers of bad road, scolding kids, sleeping in chapels, and haggling with jeepney drivers. something like levoscoliosis. bwahahahhaha!!!!

i do have that annoying ailment. i think my body is on strike. it has refused to cooperate with me anymore on matters of strenous physical activities. it even prefers a hard bed over my 20+ year old mattress!

but this is it. my body has declared that it will no longer carry me and carry out my obsession with mountains and kids. mountains and kids. you'll be surprised at how deeply they learn from each other. but that's for another post.

i will no longer handle the immersion next year. my body has even convinced two of my umbrellas to retire and so they lost themselves.

next year i will be bound to my cubicle and a boring 18 loader. i will content myself with a moderating class and try my best to help them win at least one class contest. i shall be consoled with trips to asia that may or may not happen over the summer. i shall sit in idleness and take all gossip seriously. i will make powerpoints of all my lessons and strategize to make kids at least notice church history. gad, i could even write a book with all the free time i have!

and i shall miss the scene above. i shall pine for corned beef and danggit and tuna cheesemelt. ...gad!