Friday, December 12, 2008

the story of stuff

i logged on to facebook and saw a link posted by kuya alwin. it says "the story of stuff".  i was intrigued by the cartoons at first and out of boredom decided to check it out. i went to the website but couldn't figure out where the video was located so i opened good old you tube . and there i watched all 7 chapters of this story.

for those who don't really understand economics, consumerism, global warming and other nose-bleed terms only nerds and activists talk about, this video is really good. it's very educational and i watched through it all without blinking. hahaha! for those who are teachers out there, you should let your kids see this. for the mommies, make sure your kids understand this.

here is a teaser:


kikamz said...

binsoy watched all the videos once... tung giatake na pud cya ug insomnia! lingaw daw.... tan-awon pa nko it. hehehe! hugs!