Wednesday, December 10, 2008

how to say sorry and mean it

There really is nothing you can do except be what you are meant to be. The change has to come from within. And you cannot do that individually. You need each other.  You have to start working together before it's too late.

When that happens all of us will know it. Everything will happen spontaneously. You will find that being good is not so hard after all ,as long as you do it together. The key is in helping each other, not pulling others down.

Do not be selfish. Sacrifice if you have to. That is, if you feel your class is worth it.

Do not take my decision as a punishment. Take it as a lesson. It is hard I know.  Rest assured that I will struggle along with you. It does not mean it will make things easier though.

 Do not speak in behalf of others. Let them take care of themselves. Your apology is accepted though. :)