Sunday, December 21, 2008

ten things i was

i got tagged by mikee over at multiply. the rule is to list down ten things people dont know about you then tag ten more people to spill their secrets too. hahaha!

i decided to give it a twist and list ten things i WAS. as in past tense. i've changed so much over the years but i like nostalgia. i'm dramatic to an extreme degree. so these are the things i was and wish i still am...

1. i wrote and finished 3 books that nobody has ever read. there are still two titles that are unfinished.
2. i can draw a portrait using pencils. i drew mostly actors so i have a leo dicaprio, robert sutherland and jeremy irons.
3. when i was in first year highschool, i was so obsessed with bikes that i made one using wood. i finished it too! only, it wont run.
4. i thought i was in love with bret "the hitman" hart. i collected everything about him.
5. i had two secret blogs.
6. i went mountain hiking when i was 9. i reached a helipad and stayed there until sunset.
7. i used to eat mango leaves for snacks. i would climb up a mango tree with salt in my pocket and munch on reddish baby mango leaves.
8. i knew how to cook.
9. i took a bath under the moon and stars.
10. i always escape home to be alone.

now i want to know who you were! passing this on to nitz, ana karenina, tonton, edz, melmel, errol, agnes, ken, mark and richie.