Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Seems like I got another bloggy award! Yey! It somehow gives me a feeling that I should write something more relevant other than cartoons. Hahahahaha! But thank you to my only follower Ka of Just About Anything  for constantly checking in. I dont know who Mary Antoinette is and what she did with her life and I'm not sure why she gives awards but this is her:

To keep the award-spirit going, I am passing this award on to the following blogs that I really like:

1.  Nito of Inkversified for his colorful posts and updates.
2.  The happy little baby on the road, Sam of Samantha's Own for updating me on the Pera Family.
3.  The cool teacher at Manaia Kindergarten in NZ with a blog called ICT in Early Education for introducing Toondoo.
4.  My playmate MelMel of Lock Me Tight and Never Let Me Go for reminding me how beautiful life really is.
5.  Future mayor Tonton Neri of Republika Neri for great posts on leadership the Blue Way.
6.  My art partner Ana Karenina Pahimalan-Pera of In His Steps for forcing me to pray each time I drop by her blog.
7.  My beloved Pongracz Bees of Ecce Signum for keeping the hive alive.


kikamz said...

hehe! thanks ate shals for the award. will post this one in my in his steps blog too. it's been a while since i updated it. nagi-guilty tuloy ako. thanks for the soft nudge and the wake up call! hugs!