Wednesday, November 05, 2008

silly christmas list

I go back to being a kid every Christmas.

I first played UNO at a funeral wake when i was about 10. The next time was with Charlie when he was here. The latest was at the XUHS Intramurals with the Realino kids. I bought one for my nieces but it was a beginner deck. I want one that's more complicated and more special cards.
A brand new dog collar for Hershey. Her old one has turned from red to pink. haha!
Shell curtain for our new room. Our tiny room needs some attitude and this shell curtain would be just perfect!

Connie Talbot's Over the Rainbow Album. I discovered her on youtube months ago and i've been listening to her eversince. haha. no cd available in ph!

About 3 or 4 years ago, Shammie introduced me to Corrine May , a Singaporean singer with really soothing songs that could make you cry and lyrics that just blow you away!Her cds are not sold in ph though.


Anito Librando said...

patience is a virtue... might come earlier than expected.