Monday, November 03, 2008


20 Things I realized after being stuck at home for the past three days:

1. It feels good to sweep the yard and water the plants again.
2. Its therapeutic to run with Hershey even when its only for about 20 meters.
3. Television shows have evolved.
4. I can cook adobo.
5. I want to learn carpentry.
6. My internet bill will probably balloon next month but with no PAG-IBIG to save me this time.
7. It takes 12 days to expand my castle in Knighthood.
8. Craiglist is addictive.
9. I need to panic before classes begin.
10. Facebook, Multiply, Craiglist, Blogger, and Gmail saved my sanity.
11. Hershey will follow me anywhere except upstairs.
12. I miss mama's cooking.
13. My eyes drop around 1 a.m.
14. I can clean my room in 10 minutes.
15. I'm allergic to detergent powder.
16. Charlie's phone voice changes with each call.
17. Globe Visibility becomes invisible after 5 minutes of talk time.
18. Distance doesn't matter as long as there's GTalk.
19. Our new room excites me more than my upcoming birthday.
20. I saved a lotta money by being stuck home.