Wednesday, November 05, 2008

what is a bulletin board?

One of the first objects a teacher sees when she enters the classroom is the bulletin board. I dont know with other teachers but I find that a bulletin board speaks a lot about what kind of class I will be dealing with. A bulletin board is a work of art, a product of collective effort, a visual representation of a class' past, present and future. It does not define the class but it gives me a hint as to the kind of persons i face each day.

This school year, I regret to see bulletin boards that are so bad, it robs me of enthusiasm to teach. In XUHS, a teacher is confronted everyday with that piece of board on the wall. If a class is smart, they could use that board to their advantage. Make it their PR statement. Tell the teacher indirectly that they are students willing to learn and they deserve an excellent teacher. I wonder why students dont think like this. One reason may be is that they do not face  that part of the wall most of the time so they dont notice what an eyesore it is if decorated badly.

Some bulletin boards start of with really good intentions. But many times it seems like the students may have a mistaken notion of what the board is for. When the moderator tells them to decorate the bulletin board what they actually do is cover it with all kinds of colored paper, and leave it at that, as if expecting the board to actually finish the job by itself. 

So what is a bulletin board? According to this site, it is a useful way to make information available, to create interest in events, ideas, or products, to create motivation to read and to display artwork and other paper items of interest.

Students would tell me that they are too busy to bother with a bulletin board. After all, nobody reads it they say. I agree wholeheartedly. If their BB's look pathetic, nobody in their right mind would spend a second glancing through it. But I've seen boards that are really eyecatching and encourages the reader to spend minutes going through it. It's fun and the teachers enjoy going through it and reading all your work, even love notes and hate notes mistakenly posted there.

I dream of a BB that functions like Multiply and Facebook and even Blogger. Something that is so interactive and fun that both students and teachers would want to read through it over and over again. Something so innovative that other sections would want to have their own too. 


Priya said...

Hello Shals,

Your post reminded me of my school days. We used to have one person in-charge of our bulletin board each week and it was his/her responsibility to keep the board well. The best one would get a reward each all would do it religiously and enthusiastically. :)

Anyway, this is Priya from SezWho here. I am writing to know your feedback and/or suggestions regarding the SezWho plug-in and how it has met or did not meet your expectations, if any.

Your feedback is important to us.

Look forward to your response.


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