Tuesday, October 03, 2006

four down!

immersion. walk. cook. wash. light. buy. talk. smile. sleep. aches. mosquitos. rivers. mountains. no signal. no water. no tv. scold. laugh. cards. sigbin. boy bawang. lala. cheezwhiz. adobo ni miki. scandal ni jim. hagok ni ganzan. cam ni yayam. tawa ni erika. papa jigger. louie and uaap. jose and dick. bads mosquito insect killer. fhel and brito. sipaka. chikicha. tong-its. unggoy. 123 pass. jack queen king alas!. love triangle. love square. love star. sulo. aying. habal-habal. puppy blue eyes. fogs. frogs. flashlight. stars. moon. sunrise. sunset. butong. saging. kindness. generosity. people.
is it worth it?


yayam said...

definitely.:p two more classes to go mam alice! you can do it! :D

maxxiekay said...

its truly worth it maam!!! :P hehe... may the force be with you still!