Wednesday, October 11, 2006

when friends hurt each other

some people think its cool to be cool.
some pretend they're sad when they are happy.
some scream when they really have nothing to say.
some make promises they have no intention to keep.
some write the most silly things.
some people are busy with the most mundane things.

i have no need for cool-ness.
nor sadness and promises.
i dont want you to write apologies, or scream your frustrations.

i need you to BE.
to stop making excuses for who you are and what you are.
i need you to SEE.
to allow yourself freedom from things that dont really matter.
i need you to FEEL.
to enrich yourself with the smells, tears, smiles of what we know as LIFE.
i need you to DARE.
be as free as the weed that keps trodden yet continues to live,
as patient as the tiny flower who waits to be admired,
as gentle as the wind though it knows its power,
as fierce in your convictions as the sun, as powerful, as life-giving.


meilie said...

what has happened to your font mam? it's so gamay na keow. :D


and hmmmm... the poem.. so WHOAH. I mean... lalim. di ko ma reach.hehe. bitaw, so philosophically said mam ha. me like. I wish I am as different as you. ^_^

meilie said...

uhmm.. woops! ako diay tong computer ang nagchange ug setting. errr.. i hate this computer. naa xay own world. samuk. *piz* senxa..

Anonymous said...