Wednesday, September 27, 2006

tikay aka "rose"

my preggy friend. weird.10 years ago, 5 years ago, a year ago we were laughing about it. how would she look like pregnant? eewww!!! but the most exciting discussion will always be the "how", the "making", the tooot.... hahahha! now she wears flower prints everyday. she wears it on her hair, around her neck, on her blouse, flower blouses, pants with flowers..she looks like a garden. but she's one happy bu-rose and she blooms like her flowers. ako kaha? when kaha ko mahimong garden?siguro kung ako maburos lasang ang akong theme. hehehe.haay. :)


sTaceY said...

naa ra man imo post..

hala! si maam cathy! preggie?!? natambok xa infairnez.. haha

"siguro kung ako maburos lasang ang akong theme" buang ai! hahaha

yayam said...

wahheheh! nakauna si mam cathie LOZANO! :p

meilie said...

playmate!!! oooohhhh!!! i love your template!! green and butterfly! two of my fave stuffs.. naah! ibog ko. may i kawat the codes??.. nyaha! kiding..

"siguro kung ako maburos lasang ang akong theme" waaaahaha! Ge playmate! tagaan dayon tika wild animals pang additional accesories. haha. Nangala si mam sa flowers? hmmmm.. flora or bloom cguro pangalan ana.hehe. :P

aha naman tong bloopers ni mam angie?...haha. cant wait to read it na. ingatz! ^^

kikamz said...


kalay man ka te shals uy!