Thursday, August 31, 2006

blue skies and foggy mornings

i love the mountain. ever since.
and i love the people.
they console me.
yeah, i might name my child after you.


-edz- said...


i miss the mountains in mindanao!! or should i say.. i miss everything about the philippines!!!

miss yah na maam!! take care always!

meily said...

playmate!!! i love your ideas! swear.. got a lot to say to the world man diay! sooo love it! ha! i'll be dropping by your blog from time to time.. up date ha??.. nang oh, uhm im gonna link you ayt?.. ingatz mam!!! :¤

number 24 said...

oi. daghan na kabaw sa imo blog. nyaha! woi.. kung makabutang taw kog new skin dari, temporary lang sa kei galibog pko saunz nko ning star wars thingy. hehe

Anonymous said...

sobra. isama mo na din ang baybay... ang buhangin at ang amihan...

wala ng gaganda pa sa negros..