Saturday, January 15, 2005

jedi talk

Star Wars is really interesting. It's a dynamic and wide universe to play in.Sige, next time i-explain ko sayo ang Force. Although na-discourage ako lately kasi sabi ng master ko the Force has no face. Honestly, for us old star wars fans Episode 2 was a dissapointement. Great was our expectation. Chrisitian Hayden (Anakin) was a disappointment. La siyang dating tapos la sila chemistry ni Padme. Ewan lang ha. I'd like to see it again. It was actually Yoda who saved the whole film. hehehe. I also like Padme's role. She's not the typical heroine who needs to be saved all the time (unlike Spiderman's MJ). And teh FORCE! its a mystery that has enchanted and mystified jedi like us. A jedi shall not know anger, nor hatred, nor love. I guess you understand why. :) As i watched it again with ping, roj, gen and kuya alwin (my master who was in manila), i couldnt help but think how very ignatian the whole concept was. hahaha! detachment and all. i wonder if george lucas studied in a jesuit school. hmmmnn...

davao '02