Friday, April 02, 2010

fly, fly, fly the butterfly

goofing around before releasing the butterflies

One of Charlie's pet projects these days is raising butterflies. He spends millions of hours online talking to butterfly experts, watching videos, studying his butterfly book, and finding the perfect butterfly species for weddings and other occasions. He then built a small butterfly cage and ordered his first set of pupae from Marinduque.

At first, we were doubtful if the pupae that arrived survived the trip. We waited a couple of days and finally from the cocoons began to appear beautiful brown and white butterflies! Pretty soon, there were about two dozen butterflies fluttering in our small cage. We named them all Chacha for Charlie. He fed them with bananas and other fruits. They did not like the artificial juice Charlie made.

Then they began to mate and lay eggs. My husband painstakingly checked them everyday and took out the eggs and set it in another container. And now after days of devoted feeding and marveling, the butterflies are ready to go.

We released them today, Good Friday. Bye, bye, bye dear butterflies! We will wait for your babies to hatch. :)