Sunday, April 25, 2010

blue sky, blue ocean, blue boat and a baby boy

Let me tell you this amazing story on our recent trip to Siargao Island. Our 3 day recollection-outing ended on Saturday, April the 24th. We took the first trip out of the island since we wanted to do some shopping in Surigao. Charlie had difficulty with the seats so we opted to stay outside the fastcraft. But I still saved two seats inside the boat just in case the coast guard wanted us inside. The seat I saved was right in front of the engine room coz it had the largest leg room. We arrived early so there was plenty of time to waste. While waiting, we sat on two plastic chairs watching people come in. Then there was a flurry of activity and an elderly woman got in the boat with the intention of getting our seats. I told her it was reserved. But when I looked up I saw a very pregnant woman in a hospital gown and another man holding her dextrose. I took my bags from the seat shamefaced and offered the seat.

that's the kind of boat we were in

I once thought that these things only happen in the movies. That of women giving birth inside a taxi or car and on a plane. Who has heard of a woman giving birth on a small boat?

I watched with disbelief as she ducked to enter the boat. But before she did, her face was contorted as a contraction hit her. She then sat down and for a while everything seemed ok. Thirty minutes into the trip, I noticed a commotion below and saw that the woman was now lying on top of the engine room on a mat. The nurse or midwife was between her legs and a blanket was around her small body covering the woman's lower body. Her contractions had become more frequent and her face was always contorted in pain. Surprisingly, she never screamed.

The people on board respectfully gave them distance and was careful not to stare. But interestingly, the men seemed more affected than the women. I have to tell you that where I was seated, I had the best view of everything that was happening. If I turned my head to the left and looked down, I can see everything. So the men crisscrossing the boat always asked me, "Nanganak na?" They seemed pretty nervous about it. I saw three women assisting the midwife. I dont know why but they kept shaking the woman's belly.

And then an awful smell came out from below. I saw one of the assistant's eye tear up and she ducked her head outside and puked. I didn't understand why at first coz I didn't smell it until later. The wind was blowing right on my face so I was not so affected. But people started going out of their seats and puking. I then realized that the woman must have pooped (excuse the word).

After a few minutes, I heard the women shouting "Tuyod! Tuyod!" (Push!Push!) over and over again. I was so scared for the woman that I texted my co-teachers up front to pray. Then Charlie tapped my shoulder and said, "Look, Shals!". I then saw the baby come out wriggling and the women exclaiming, "Nay, layake! (Hey, its a boy!)" I was just so amazed by the whole experience I couldn't stop smiling! They placed the baby on top of his mother and wiped him clean. Then the midwife began cleaning up the mother. Another woman took charge of the baby. I looked at the mother. She looked so exhausted and looked like she was asleep. After they put clothes on the baby, they placed him in her arms. She instinctively opened her eyes, looked at him and snuggled him close to her.

I guess everyone on board sighed in relief. I wanted to take pictures but Charlie forbid me. So I took a picture instead of the blue gallon in front of me. Haha! After that, its as if nothing happened. When we arrived in Surigao, an ambulance was already waiting. Later, my co-teachers said that they never knew there was a woman giving birth until they smelled the stench and got my message.

the blue gallon in front of me right after the baby was born

I just felt awed by the whole experience. I couldn't forgot the sight of the baby looking so pale with the umbilical cord still linking him to the mother. He looked so beautiful. I still regret not taking a picture especially when they told me another passenger took a video of the whole thing.


Russ AKA Grampy said...

Wow what an experience. I have never seen a child birth except in a movie. You sure didn't have a boring boat ride.

Cecil said...

nagpaila lang jud nga dli pinoy si charlie. he respects privacy. hehehe

Cisco said...

Very relaxing ang blue ocean blue sky..