Thursday, April 29, 2010

all about EVE

grandpa dude heralding your arrival

Dear Eve,

We have been waiting for you ever since your mom told us you are on the way. It is our heart's fondest desire to see you and hug you. Your grandpa dude is especially happy to hear about your arrival from your dad. He has been waiting impatiently for months and now feels that he has been born again through you.

I know that you will be a wonderful person coz of the parents that you have. I pray that you will love life in all its awesome beauty and even in its tragedy. You are a child whose coming has made a lot of people very happy. Never forget that.

We will be waiting for you to come visit our tiny island. We will bring you to different places and let you meet interesting people. We will teach you to eat rice and say, "Maayong buntag!". We will let you swim in crystal clear warm waters, eat fresh buko, play with butterflies and make friends.

Thank you for coming into this world. Even without having seen you yet, I know that you have made it a million times more beautiful.

Love and kisses,



kikamz said...

buros na kaw??? wheee!!! excited!

the one-girl revolution said...

MA'AM! catching up with all your posts. life with charlie seems infinitely amusing! and oi... blooming gyud ka ha! in fairness, i've never seen you look happier before! so glad to see that you seem to be starting out anew, it's like you're a kid again, ma'am! looking forward to more posts, whether it's chronicling your life with your husband or saving up on that (beautiful) future home of yours! cheers!