Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What makes you happy?

As I sit in this dark room with just the light from my laptop illuminating my keyboard, this question suddenly popped up in my mind. I know that this is the sort of question priests ask us during mass. It's the kind of question a well-meaning friend or mentor asks us when we don't know what we want to do with our lives.

Now that I am 32, married and settled as most people would say, I am supposed to have known what will make me happy and is now reaping the consequences. Yet as I sit here, I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to confirm once again what makes me happy. I am aware that this question is somewhat triggered by the sight of my husband peacefully asleep beside me.

It does not take much to make me happy. As my husband would point out sometimes in frustration, what makes me happy is so ludicrous that he thinks I'm full of baloney.
And because it is important for us imperfect and wounded souls to connect with the core of our beings and touch the sacred every time, I want to share with you the things and thoughts that make me happy.

Like Peter Pan, I would like to think of my happy thoughts now and fly.

1. When I see our little closet apartment spic and span, bleached and disinfected in just 30 minutes
2. The sight of Charlie goofing around
3. Listening to my parents' quietly talking
4. Receiving money every pay day!
5. Snuggles early in the morning
6. Charlie playing catch with Hershey and Lucas
7. Having my nieces around
8. Christmas and giving gifts!
9. Family reunions
10. Daydreaming :)
11. Learning a new techy technique on my own
12. Hearing from the sicovols or anyone from Davao whom I've worked with
13. Seeing my students grow up
14. A nice dinner made by Charlie
15. Having the whole family home
16. A letter from Holly
17. Hanging out with Lawig
18. A good stretch in the morning
19. Memories of Siargao
20. Getting payments for my sideline businesses
21. Singing the Agnus Dei during mass
22. SAP/OSASI memories
23. Connecting with old classmates and friends
24. Passing an exam
25. An I Love You

These things bring a smile to my face and sometimes even a happy tear. As you know, these are not all. I also get a silly kind of happiness in watching things grow too, the wind on my face, biking, cooking breakfast for Charlie, washing dishes, etc.

In the stressful world of teaching oftentimes I just get disheartened and disillusioned that I no longer see my happiness. It's good that I made the effort to remember just now. This gives me a lot of reason to live more fully and fly higher.

How about you? What makes you happy?