Tuesday, March 23, 2010

jumpshots galore

Here I am trying to be techy and stumbled on Linda's blog in search of tutorials in making badges and buttons. Instead, I discovered Picnik! For years I've been dying to know how to edit photos and make it look exciting. Picnik is just awesome! I just spent over two hours tweaking and exploring. Charlie kept on bugging me about horseshoe crabs (he's not done yet as of the moment)and I was not paying attention. So he got over from his side of the room and asked, " Are you farming again? Don't get your hands dirty!". He thought I was at Farmville again. Haha! Then he saw what I was doing and he was so amazed he wanted a collage of all our pictures!

What I did was get all my jump shots from all the places we have been to. I would tell you more about it coz I cant concentrate now. Charlie is talking a mile a minute. Hahahha!!

What do you think of my first attempt?