Sunday, March 28, 2010

sunday at the movies

What's nice about the end of the school year is that I no longer have to be anxious about lessons to prepare for at the start of the week. I can stay up longer and thus stay in bed until late in the morning. I can blog, write notes, play bounce out, and edit photos at my leisure. No worries. No class to prepare for the next day.

Anyway, our little tradition includes going to the movies on Sundays. Today it was Invictus, a movie about Nelson Mandela and the South Africa rugby team. It was very inspiring and touching. It reminded me of our upcoming national elections and how important it is to choose and vote for the right president. Nelson Mandela in that movie embraced South Africa as his family. And just like a loving father, he knows exactly what his countrymen needs and he pursues it even when it did not seem politically correct. I just love how he was able to peacefully work for the unity of his people. The movie is a great lesson on strength in forgiveness, leading by example, and active non-violence where color and creed do not matter in working for the good of the country.

I hope you'll catch it in the cinemas while it's still showing.


Lulu said...

i am waiting to watch this on dvd

shal said...

yeah! its worth it. make sure you have a hanky too. hehe