Wednesday, March 31, 2010

meet hershey

I am a certified dog lover. And I especially like Labrador Retrievers. For years, I dreamed of having my own lab to hug forever. Then three or four years ago, Balot made this dream come true. I finally got to have my own lab. She's black, smart and completely adorable. How she got her name? When she arrived from Davao my niece Danny was home and while brainstorming with her she came up with Hershey immediately. It just felt right. As I looked at her squirming in my arms, I just knew she was a hershey.

I bought a little book on how to train labs and I can say it worked pretty well. Labs are well known for their innate need to please and Hershey is no exception. It was real easy to train her. Of course we had a lot of accidents too but I think its because she intended it not because she did not understand. The first thing she learned was how to fetch. As a retriever it was in her nature to retrieve objects and bring it to her owner. Then I taught her to sit, stand, give, stay, kiss, embrace, no, come etc.

Another amazing thing was that Hershey would know when she did something I dont like. She would then look at me with pleading eyes and wag her tail so hard. Then she would attempt to climb up to my arms, no matter what I'm doing.

Recently, she's taken to understanding some words we did not teach her. It was truly amazing. She learned what leash, asa man, Charlie, lola, lolo, Aiza, James meant. If you tell her to go to someone she would know which one you're talking about.

Hershey is also a healer. Whenever anyone in the family is sick, she would stay alongside that person and somehow absorbed all the negativity. When the person got well, then Hershey would become sick. The downside of owning such a special dog though is the expense! There was a time I spent more than 5,000 pesos on pills alone. She had all sorts of sickness and the recurring one was dandruff. But even when she's sick, she never loses her great attitude. She still tries to please. It was heartbreaking to see her suffer through it.

She is also crazy about kids! She just loves kids. Whenever there are kids around she would be so happy and would keep on inviting the kids to play with her. Now that she's big the kids are sometimes scared of her so Hershey is left alone wagging her tail at them.

Dogs are a great source of happiness. I can't imagine not having a dog at home. I am so glad that Charlie is also in love with Hershey. He exercises her everyday and plays with her. He's even taught her new tricks! Sometimes I get jealous coz she follows him more than me now. Maybe coz he's more consistent with his commands while I tend to be soft-hearted and give her a hug right after I scold her. Haha!

Net time, I will also blog about my other dog, Lucas.


Lui said...

I envy you.. I wanna have another dog too but hubby wants to wait for a while before getting another one. Our beloved dog was stolen last year and my daughter hasn't really recovered yet from losing her..

Thanks for the visit =)