Tuesday, July 07, 2009

art therapy

I've been assigned to do the bakdrop for covered court events in school. I missed doing this, specially with Ana Karenina who now opted to plant daisies in Germany. It's a bit time-consuming and tedious but there is a mindlessness in cutting paper and tracing drawings that soothes away the stress in my life( Unsa nga stress?Hehehe!). I'm glad that people like it coz I really needed to breathe art for now.

Here are some of my work. I am not very original coz I can't make up my mind what to do unless I get inspired by other artists. So I usually spend a lot of time in research more than in actually making the art. So if you run accross work similar to mine, that could be where I got the inspiration. Hahaha!

Red Mass. I made 5 panels on the symbols of the Holy Spirit: wind, water, fire, oil and dove. Took me one whole day with the help of Vest and Jenny.

July First Friday Mass (Sacred Heart of Jesus). I originally thought of stained glass effects but decided to make a huge burning heart coz of time-constraint. Got this done in two hours with the help of Mamita and Ma'am Nery.

2009 Activities Rally. It's not what I had in mind at all although I conceptualized and made all the patterns. But I was so busy with graduate school that I left the installation with Mamita nad the LCLC. The silhouettes and the blue rays should have been closer together. Plus the blue is the wrong color. Hahaha!


Inkversified said...

diba apil man ko ani nag cut?

kikamz said...

very nice back drops te shals. missed doing this therapy with you. sayang wala nato nadocument ato creations no? naa na unta ta portfolio. LOL!