Saturday, June 13, 2009

random cuteness

Shal: Look, they cleaned the canal!
Charlie: Oh wow, do you know who did this?
Shal: I think the barangay had it done.
Charlie: Who is this barangay and why haven't I met them?
(paging barangay...)

While observing some kids in Siargao playing tumba-lata..
Charlie: These kids are so poor they can't afford toys. So they take off their shoes and throw 'em at each other.


Kikit said...

Ate Shal, I think we use slippers in tumba-lata. Di ba? :)

kikamz said...

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Samantha Ysabelle said...

ninang shal, cute kaau mo ni tito charlie! you are a match made in heaven jud! when man mo mag baby? para naa na ko playmate pg mag visit mi dha pinas. btw, i have a tag and an award for u. want to know what ur 1950's name is? click here to find out. hugs!