Thursday, April 02, 2009

My List of Charlie Quotable Quotes

1. Oh man, what's up with that?
2. Duh!
3. When kids have no toys, they take off their shoes and throw 'em at each other.
4. This is wrong, Shals!
5. Why do you need a cigarette when you live in Smokesville?
6. Far out!
7. I feel sick.
8. Nobody in the rest of the world does that Shals. Nobody.
9. In my country...
10.  This is worse than India. No, nothing is worse than India.
11.  I am a Cathaholic.
12.  Shals, do you know why I love you so much?
13.  We don't have any money, Shals.
14.  Don't say that word.
15.  I don't care.
16.  I don't know, Shals. It's your decision.
17.  Hey Al, my wife says you are gorgeous!
18.  What happened to your stomach?
19.  You're eating all these poison.
20.  They are nice people but they dont really take care of you.
21.  I find that weird.
22.  Oh my God!
23.  I've told you a million times!
24.  This is called socialism.
25.  I love you.


the one-girl revolution said...

the twenty-fifth is my favorite! ;)

Kikit said...

I wonder if your hubby reads your blogs. haha :)

tonton.neri said...

hi ma'am! sa lc camp? what do you mean?

-edz- said...

awwwww!!! sooo sweet. =D awwwww... and i just can't stop saying it.. awwwwww!!! i swear!! awwww!

kikamz said...

LOL! i remember you listing down all our bloopers way back in SICO. how about now that you are married, do u have bloopers too? am sure marami! LOL!