Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a leap of faith

three days more to go and i will be walking down the green spring aisle. i do not feel butterflies in my stomach nor sweaty palms. i just feel so blank. well, there are bursts of panic once in a while. when i remember that i forgot something important or when i think about going over the budget. but as i said to some, i am a weird bride. i am anxious that this feels so abnormal.

my charlie has been so sweet this week. i dont know what got into him. with his mellow mood i feel like im cruisin and floatin towards spring day. but i never know with him. tomorrow he might bring up the choir and the food and other things that bother him. hehehe.

the next time i blog i think i will be married and will go by the name mrs alice klarsfeld. ugh! i sound caucasian. i hate to imagine how the kids will react next year. caucasian sounding but native looking. beautiful.

next time i blog it will be married life anecdotes. it will be funny, i promise you. i may have to have a notebook for all our bloopers and culture clash anecdotes. just preparing for a wedding is both funny and intense. moments of laughters and tears. gawd. its amazing.

this is truly a leap of faith. marrying a man i dont really know but trusting in the spirit that brought us together. 


Kikit said...

May the Force be with you always! Best wishes Alice Inovejas. Let me call you that way for the last time. :)

♥ REIYUHN ♥ said...

Best Wishes ma'am!!!!! ^_^

Dili na lgi ko mkapost sa imong cbox ma'am??? Dri nlng ko greet