Sunday, January 25, 2009

what our wedding is not

most women look forward to tying the knot. i am a little different. i am absolutely terrified. i did not grow up dreaming of weddings, gowns, cakes, dances and i do's. i was too much of a tomboy and a radical to demean myself with girlish musings. all i wanted was to write and surf the world!

now that i am at the threshold of married life, i find myself imaging what my wedding should be. there is of course the pressure from society to have the "dream wedding". the problem is i don't have a dream wedding that society would consider acceptable. why is that a problem? it is because society would judge the success of your marriage based on the way you organize your wedding. yeah, it doesn't necessarily follow. i know that in my head and most sane people would agree. but ever since i have been talking about my wedding and i tell people i dont have this and i dont have that, you can read the disappointment in their faces and the accusation that i am not normal really shows. haha!

it must be a blessing that i was born with a healthy contempt for the "usual". ever since i was a kid, i have always been accused of being weird and the oldies tend to ignore me for this. haha! i understand now. we ignore what we do not understand.

so these are the "usual" stuff you probably wont see at my wedding.

an entourage except for what the church requires. i guess we'll have a best man and a maid of honor and the sponsors and godparents.
a motiff. i dont want to burden people with a specific color.
doves and cakes. i just do not see the point.
reception program. this is a must-not! we want people to just take a hearty, healthy dinner, listen to some good music live, view some pictures, and leave.
bridal car. a van could take all of us to church.
lechon. okay, this is a laugh. but i want to make an exception for charlie. its his wedding too. but he relented a bit and said its ok as long as he can't see it. hahaha!
formal pictorials and videos. this is so ugh. camera's do not lie. and i dont want a photoshop-ed wedding.
garter and boquet fiasco. this is such a circus.

so what will the wedding probably have?
lots of good music
lots of flowers
an intimate and solemn ceremony

we are getting married on the day of equinox, the day of balance--MARCH 21. :)


kikamz said...

very unconventional indeed, te shals. but am sure it will be very special and fun! so, if you don't have a wedding program, you should have prepared lots of photos to be viewed by your guests. what do you plan to do about it? have lots of printed photos in various photobooks to be circulated around tables or are you going to have an AV presentation at the reception? nagtatanong lang po...

Kikit said...

do what you want ate shals. after all, it's your wedding. :)

and i want to let you know that i love your idea. if i get married one day, it will definitely be a simple one. :)