Thursday, January 15, 2009

sixth pic -- WOAH!

I like this tagging thing nowadays. My soon-to-be inaanak Sam tagged me to show the sixth photo in my sixth folder. Actually there are only 5 photos in my sixth folder and my pic with Charlie is the 5th. Since I like this photo, I'm sharing this with you!

This was taken during one of our Marco Outings. Both of us love to swim and we actually stayed the whole day in the pool! Charlie loves to sunbath and I worry a lot for his skin since he doesnt use any sunscreen. What is it with Caucasians and brown skin? He was willing to lie in the heat of the sun for hours just to get a tan. I had to beg him to put on some sunscreen. He relented after a while and put some on his NOSE! He said its the first thing that gets burned. Maybe because its too long. Hahaha! He calls it the Klarsfeld nose which all of them inherited from their dad. 

Anyway, he's coming back on the 9th of February! After a year without each other, we will finally see each other's noses. hehe. Life had been extra special in 2008.  This year, we hope to start our life together with God's blessing as husband and wife starting March.  There are soooo many things to prepare and we have only started with the documents which took a really long time. Before I panic, I need Ana Karenina to send me the list! gawd!


Anonymous said...

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Kikit said...

i'm sure everyone can't wait :) may the force be with you :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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kikamz said...

looks like somebody is very busy with the preparations.. how are things coming along, te shals? let's chat if you have time and you can share you wedding planning woes with me. :D btw, got you another award: Honest Scrap Award. do come and get it okay? hugs!