Monday, December 29, 2008

the men in my life

i did not become a big fan of the idiot box until we transfered to cdo from surigao. back in my old hometown, tv shows are one week delayed and i was always mystified how sharon cuneta could change the length of her hair in one short week. of course, i had no idea that the shows are not live. and back then, i couldn't care less. there are other more fun things to do aside from watching t.v.

in cdo, i got hooked on television at the time when US TV soaps were a hit. from then on, i would sleep as late as eleven in the evening just watching reruns and trailers about my favorite men. through the years, i have admired and obsessed and dreamt of these men. if i had read about the The Secret then i would have made it my personal mission to make them fall in love with me. hahaha!

meet the leading men of my teenage life.

Brandon of Beverly Hills 90210
Jason Priestly

Bret "The Hitman" Hart of WWF

Dr. Ross of ER
George Clooney

they should thank their lucky stars i have my own man now or else i will use the law of attraction to bring them to me. we will see if the universe will conspire to give me my heart's desire.


Kikit said...

when i was in elementary, akong crush kay si jesse sa free willy :)

shal said...

hahhaha! sus ingon pa ka nna baya koy poster adto niya.hehehehe.