Monday, November 10, 2008

a teacher's life is like that.

it's my birthday! and im happy to be OLDER.  my age is the last day in the calendar. it means this year is my last hope of getting hitched.  charlie's ecstatic! he looks forward to my birthdays and is counting the years when i get to be his age. he stopped counting his age when he reached 45. now he is just glad i'm gaining on him.  im now 31 and he is 45. next year i'll be 32 and he is 45 forever. hahahaha!

balloons.cake.laeng.pringles.chicharon. notes. birthday songs. banners, books. 

i have to tell you that as a teacher i have mixed emotions about my birthday. i am excited because it means i get gifts (yes, i am normal). at the same time i also dread it because i do not like the attention.

let me recall my past birthdays in the high school...


i was new. no moderating class. birthday greetings from everyone! :)


my 3D greeted me plus a cartolina full of wishes. di pa yata uso cake. haha! i remember this class with fondness.


i remember inviting my hs buddies home for my birthday. i cannot forget fr. xavier eating sili with his rice! i think the sap volunteers gave me cake and wish notes.


i dont remember this year.  how come?


i didnt have a moderating class then. what i remember was the jesuits giving me food gifts. and i think my lc 3 gave me a cake..


my lc 3 started my day with a single red rose on top of my desk. the rose had an unfinished quote. when i entered my class, a student handed me another rose with another unfinished quote, so on and so forth until the bell rang for lunch. then they asked me to go to Ana's Kitchen. when i entered, ganzan started to sing happy birthday and everybody joined in. hahaha! they had a cake and melted ice cream which they devoured. i got the last of the rose series. uhm.. i should have kept the quotes.

my pongracz bees gave me two cakes which they ate. hahahaha!


my pongracz bees unfolded a happy birthday tarp and we ate at mcdonalds!
my 3 gees gave me a bucket of long stem red roses which i offered at mama mary's altar. 


my real class sang happy birthday twice! hahaha! cakes, balloons and notes, the works.
my 3 gees now sanvitores gave me two great books to read.
the osasi team gave me a connie talbot cd (nitz), wild spice pringles (vest), wooden mug from benguet (gerlie) and laeng! (irmo).
tikay cooked a yummy crispy chicharon for me!

it's nice being a teacher. you get appreciated more than the usual. hehe.

thank you kids. you are actually the gift.


Inkversified said...

hey, what about my present?