Sunday, March 18, 2007

way back into love

ive always thought saturdays are most boring. its the day when i can't figure out what to do after a week of teaching and osasi work. when there are immersions, of course, thats a different matter. nevertheless, saturdays are like manggang hilaw. not really what i would want on a weekend.

but this saturday, things were different for a change. i was planning to watch PDA with pongracz so i thought about going to hs early so i could fix my things before i go to manila. the gods know i need to throw out lots of trash accumulated over a week. he he. but as i passed by CMO, i saw fr. jody and we agreed to have lunch at SM. well, knowing him we didnt just have lunch but also watched Music and Lyrics! It was all for free courtesy of his MTRCB card.:)

The movie was really simple. i dont wanna bore you with an intellectual review coz in the first place im not capable of one. hehe. BUT i loved the movie! i love it! it made me cry. the song is the best ive heard in months. ka-relate ang lola. hahaha!

it turned out to be a different saturday. thanks pads!


-edz- said...

same here! i love that movie!
it touched my heart.. it was really cute..

what a way to make you fall in love.. if only all love stories are that happy and romantic.. if only.. =)