Thursday, March 08, 2007

I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.

Peter Pan: I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.

I believe in ghosts too coz i see them. It's a gift/curse i dont understand. Why and how did i get it? Is it something inherited? The earliest I remembered having a "sighting" was when i was seven. My parents and i just came back from a prayer meeting. It was almost midnight. We were drinking coffee in the dining room when i noticed a pair of eyes gazing at us from the window. The eyes were glowing red and so evil that i was speechless. I didnt even bother to scream. I didnt tell anyone. But that memory was so vivid it could scare me until now.

After that, the mere thought of cemeteries would freak me out. i would imagine skeletons rising from the grave and grabbing my ankles, etc etc.

The gift/curse returned when i was a jesuit volunteer in davao. when i "saw" my roommate sleeping on her bed. It turned out it wasnt her.

In xuhs, i "saw" women in black and fleeting shadows that move in the faculty room.

in retreat houses i was "disturbed" and "deprived" of proper sleep because "they" insist on grabbing my ankles, lying on top of me, or crushing me until i couldnt breath.

I wish i could see fairies too. fairies would be a lot more "pleasant" to see.

Yes, Peter i believe in them too. But then, have you ever seen a ghost in never never land?


richie said...

i almost forgot that there are people who can see them..

Anonymous said...

The reason for this is that fairies are what we call elemental spirits. They are just pure ethereal energy with vibrations lower than the average human being. They have no soul so they are just like talking empty cans.

You might see fairies if you lower down your frequency. It is only probable that you see these ghosts or entities is because you are attuned to 'their' frequency. I suggest if you see them like in a dream or even awake you breath fast in and out so as to higher your brain waves.

jedi knight said...

hehe. who is anonymous?thanks for the suggestion but they dont go away if i breathe fast. they only go away if i relax and say jesus like a mantra.

meily said...

mam!!! i like your powers!!! hehe. pwamis! hehehe. :P bitaw woi... it's really scary... the part when they choke you or lay on top of you and all.. gosh!!! scary!!!! @_@

edward said...

shit.... i remember when we're at rojean's haus in bukidnon.... ha ha ha.