Tuesday, April 06, 2010

TCP: Ben-Hur

Yay! My first time to join Kikamz Tuesday Couch Potatoes! I'm not so much into movies but ever since I married Charlie it's movies every weekend. He's the real couch potato! I'm happy K got home just in time to host TCP this week since I'm leaving tomorrow and won't be online for two weeks. So I'm gonna miss lots of memes.

My TCP entry for Easter is Ben-Hur. There are a few movies I remember in my childhood and this one is of them. This movie made such an impact on me that I could still remember the white cloth my papa placed on our sala and how he projected the movie to it so it looks like a real big screen. The whole compound would then be invited and benches would be lined up in our living room and lights dimmed. This usually happened during Good Friday.

I love Ben-Hur. It doesn't matter if I saw it every year when I was a child. It was part of my childhood together with Star Wars, Sheena and The 1o Commandments. Ben-Hur stars Charlton Heston (which my husband incidentally hates). It was filmed in 1959 and is a story about Judah Ben-Hur who was found guilty of attempted murder he did not commit. He was banished and made into a slave. Later on he escaped, became a horse trainer and vowed to exact revenge on his former bestfriend Messala who once accused him. The epic chariot race between them was very riveting. I remember watching in awe as a child and cheering for Ben-Hur. Yet in the end, Ben-Hur decided to forsake revenge to embrace the cross of Christ. In this he found redemption.


Thank you Ka for hosting! I'm off to Bohol starting tomorrow and won't be back until next, next week.


kikamz said...

yey, u finally managed to join my meme. thanks te shals! and have fun in bohol! hope you can join us again for TCP next, next week. hihi! hugs!

Liz said...

I am not sure if I seen this movie, but it seems familiar, I probably did, only I cannot remember a lot.