Saturday, April 03, 2010

Blue Monday: Reminiscing Immersion Years

My first Blue Monday post! Visit Smiling Sally for instructions and get to meet other Blue Monday participants.

Narulang Immersion 2000 something with my Blue umbrella

I was wondering where the kids were whom I ordered to come right out of the river. That's what this picture is all about. Fortunately, my blue umbrella hid my face. I'm sure I looked terrible! But I love this picture which Yayam took of me without my knowledge. In a way, this speaks a lot about the years spent in the mountains with my students. I also like the waiting mode of the picture. Plus, this was the picture that attracted my husband to write me in Couchsurfing!

Whenever I see this pic, it brings a lot of fond memories of star-studded skies, walking in the rain at night, eating dinner in the dark, taking a bath under the moonlight, hiking up hills, scolding students, endless talks with farmers and housewives, buko, banig, sulo, endless teasing, bloopers and accidents, habal-habal, fresh air, dishwashing, waking up early to cook and photoshoot!

I actually lost three umbrellas during the immersion days. Brown, Blue, and Red. I have no picture of my brown one. But I have this and the red one. Almost the same pose but for different reasons.

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JLS Hall (Joysweb) said...

What a gorgeous photo! It absolutely glows. Just lovely.
Happy Blue Monday!

SmilingSally said...

Thanks for sharing your special memories, Shai. Happy 1st Blue Monday.

SmilingSally said...

Great shot of blue! Happy Blue Monday.

Marice said...

what a beautiful shot :)

u may view mine here

The Explorer said...

Very thematic...

Symbolic Tower Ball At X-Site in Festival Mall