Saturday, March 27, 2010

Samantha Ysabelle

I haven't met Sam personally. I'm supposed to be a ninang but for a reason I don't remember now, I could not attend her christening. Nevertheless, I have always enjoyed reading her blog. I think it is an awesome way to document a child's growing years. Kudos to Kikamz for the loving effort she put on this blog!

She is a very photogenic child and having an artistic mommy made her blog all the more pretty and easy to read. I love seeing her photos with either Ka or Binsoy. I often could not believe how those two have grown and managed having a baby on their own in a foreign place! How absolutely blessed they are!

Sam's blog shows a very global child with very good parents who are absolutely grounded on Filipino values. I think she is one lucky baby to be born with such good parents. I can't wait to meet her for real and see for myself! I just hope she wont be a blooper baby too! Hahahha!


Grampy said...

I stop by her site everyday. It is a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a good weekend.

kikamz said...

thanks ninang shals! you were busy preparing for your spring wedding that's why you were not able to attend samantha's christening po! hihih!

bambie said...

nice one. :) thanks so much!