Saturday, June 06, 2009

richard parker

For those who have read the Life of Pi, the name Richard Parker may be familiar to you. It's the story of an Indian boy named Pi who survived a ship accident and lived on a boat with a tiger for company.  He named the tiger, Richard Parker. 

But who is Richard Parker.  For many years, I have been reading blogs and articles about Siargao. Ironically, I found the most witty and candid accounts about this island's life and it's people from a foreigner. Yes, he is Richard Parker.  I have been folowing his blog for years and even wrote him. I got no response (boohoo!!). Then I got busy with school and weddings and other extra's so I almost forgot about him already.

But then, God must have another gift in store for me days after my wedding coz on the day before Charlie and I would leave Siargao, Richard Parker came walking by our cottage. Of course, I didn't know it was him. We were wondering who this friendly guy was who walked around in his white shorts. We thought he was a new guest at the resort. He came by to chat and of course my talkative husband accommodated him. After about 2 minutes, we got around to introducing ourselves and to my extreme surpise, he said, "I'm Richard Parker." My jaw just dropped. Richard Parker in the flesh! I then grabbed my camera and ordered my amused husband to take a picture of us.

The next day, we went to his tiny house for a visit before leaving.  I just sat and stared at the rows of books and the paintings on the wall while Charlie chatted with Richard Parker forever. I learned something new.Richard Parker is also a painter!  

A month later, we wanted to contact him for a business proposal and again found his work online. Another discovery. Richard Parker is a very gifted photograper! I dont know what kind of camera he uses.  I can't believe the one he is holding in the picture is responsible for the amazing pictures here

Why do I like Richard Parker? Hmmnn... Maybe it's because he reminds me of Fr. Bob Hogan, SJ my spiritual director. Maybe he is just one good writer and gifted artist, a combination that will always merit my infinite awe and wonder. Or maybe it is his irreverent and often sarcastic and huorous view of life and everything beautifully wrong with it that makes me laugh. But most probaby it's because he is and choses to be in Siargao, writes candidly and beautifully about it and I, a Siargao sucker can't help but love him for it.

If you are curious, check out Richard Parker.


mellany said...

really??? that camera captures those photos? amazing! :D wow, it was such a treat jud for you playmate! :) btw, what is an entrecard? hehehehe

Kikit said...

hala, lingawa ate shals oi. meeting an inspiring person. pero honestly ate shal, ako pa ning syang ila-ilahon. hehe :)

kikamz said...

glad that you met someone who made your jaw drop te shals. happier still that the person you met is someone who shares your love for siargao, art and nature. unsa pa man imo pangitaon oi! hala, mura man ni ug comment na dapat about kay charlie! LOL!

the one-girl revolution said...

ma'am! been reading your last 4 posts all at once. grabe, wala gyud koy internet2x daris dorm! torture gayud. pero i think the past posts were really1000x interesting :)

yah, kakita napud kog supersize me. scary kaayo kay dari grabeeee kamahal ang pagkaon... around 70-90 per meal (depende sa time of day) and so far, since wa pay klase, gatigum pa mi. so more and more frequent among visits to mcdo/kfc/jollibee, which are super atbang sa school, aron makasave (by around 30 pesos, imagine!)... pero grabe pud lagi ang downsides sa health so we're trying to minimize on the fastfood pud, kay lakas na laba kaayo ang swine flu dari! hahaha