Saturday, April 25, 2009

poolside summer

just when we were about to go crazy in our little hole, we decided to look for a pool to drown out our boredom. this is only the third time i was able to visit pryce plaza hotel. charlie badly needs a tan. i dont need one so i desperately looked for a bit of shade to squeeze into. it was very hot and the sunscreen didn't help. but we had lots of fun! we had the pool to ourselves for about 3 hours. i guess nobody else could stand the heat.

it was Fun Day at the pool so for 150 pesos we were able to get free lunch. the down side is they dont offer drinks along with it. so we had to buy iced tea at 45 pesos. bohooo!!!

added to the 8 zillionth amazing observations charlie has is that the pool guy actually told him to take a shower before he could get in the pool.  as usual charlie says, "i've never had anybody tell me that before." oh well.

charlie tried to teach me to swim. it didnt really help coz i always ended up laughing and swallowing pool water (gross!). it was a warm moment with him and it just felt so good to laugh and swim and tease and laugh some more.

then we went to the serious business of sunbathing. it was amazing how he could bear to be under the heat of the midday sun and enjoy reading a book!

before we left, we played at the seesaw. oh yeah. my husband wanted to play. look at his silly smile!

we then checked out the gym and spa, walked down to the highway and took videos of how we walk. haha! but before that, we managed to take a pciture of the two of us. i am charcoal next to him. ugh!


Kikit said...

ang mga itom, gusto magpaputi. ang mga puti gusto magpaitom. kalibog sa mga tao. hahaha :)

kikamz said...

AMEN to that kit! LOL!

i enjoyed the pics and the story that goes with it. so happy to see my ate shals finally HAPPY!