Monday, January 26, 2009

wedding colors

charlie has given me the go signal and i have no idea where to start. we have  both agreed on a spring theme. we will meet the rising of the sun with lots of colors.  my mind is a whirlwind of ideas. i scarcely know how to beging making sense of this. any other brilliant ideas and suggestions?

come in any color as long as its spring. hahaha!!! be vibrant and fresh! here's the inspiration!


kikamz said...

spring has very nice colors indeed te shals! which reminds me, hapit na ang sakura season diri.. you should see them! very beautiful.

btw, naa na pud ka tag from sam:
please come get it ha?

i love shades of greens for spring too! unsa imo wedding flowers? nice kng naa ka tulips and liliums! hehehe!

Sweepstakes Girl said...

BEAUTIFUL blog! I love the colors! Happy Top Droppers Day!