Saturday, December 06, 2008

discovering toondoo

Thanks to Entrecard, I discovered ICT in Early Education. It's a teacher's blog in NZ that talks about using technology in the classroom. This is exactly the kind of application I am looking for. I guess i could use this in one of my classes. 

Introducing Toondoo! A very cool way of making cartoon strips! The application is truly user-friendly and easy to learn. Anybody can now make cartoon strips with a few drag and drops coupled with a huge dose if creativity.

I tried making one of Dan's blooper. I know I can still improve but I had so much fun doing it that I don't really care for now whether it delivered the message. Hahaha!

Look! Just let your mouse hover and you can see the whole strip.


kikamz said...

cool! glad you're making friends and discovering a lot at Entrecard! btw, naa ko awards for you te shals. here's the link: hope you can pass them on pag naa ka time. thanks!

Meera said...


Thanks for blogging about ToonDoo!

We're glad you appreciate our site. If you'd like to know more about how you can use ToonDoo in education, write to us at toondudette (at) toondoo dot com.

ToonDudette from